Silverlight not working in Firefox

Another long-running issue on my dev machine solved today. I never got the Silverlight plugin to work in Firefox. With every upgrade of either Firefox or Silverlight I hoped that the issue was solved, but no. Today, I finally found the solution here. Yes, it really was that simple.

When going to the Microsoft Silverlight page at, it would always nicely report that it was installed and had the newest version. Also, browsing about:plugins would report everything being in order. However, no pages using Silverlight (like that features a Dutch online news and sports tv channel) and more recent, this interview with my hero Anders Hejlsberg) would ever work. They would simply remain blank or show a banner that links to the silverlight install page… which would tell me it was already installed. Of course, I could quickly Show this page in IE, but it bugged me nonetheless. Lees meer over dit bericht

Following twitter without twitter (using rss)

Having no twitter account myself (yet?), but still wanting to follow some of my friend’s and colleague’s tweets, I always subscribed to the matching RSS feeds from MS Outlook.

Since a twitter update somewhere last year, it has gotten a lot harder to get the right url for the feed, since it is no longer displayed directly on the page.

Today, I found this post describing as much as three different methods of acquiring a working url to a user’s twitter stream as an rss feed. Works great!