Keeping Java updated without installing the Ask toolbar

Not only does the Oracle Java installer for Windows come with a useless toolbar from Ask, it is not enough to uncheck it at installation time. With every Java update you get, which you are recommended to install, you will be ‘ask’ed again and it is checked by default. I can count on myself to uncheck it every time, but non IT-savvy people are very likely to leave it checked, as I have noticed many times at friends and family and even small businesses that don’t have local admins or policies in place like large companies do.

According to, there is a way to turn this behavior off. I have just applied the solution to my system, and happily awaiting the next Java update to see how it works.

[Ad. 22-07] It works. ­čÖé

An underrated operator: using EXCEPT in MS SQL Server to track changes

Working with a colleague who is a longtime Oracle user, I noticed he used an operator I didn’t know of, to grab hold of the differences in rows between two nearly identical tables: he used a “minus”. I couldn’t imagine MS SQL Server would not have something like it and it didn’t, it came up with the “except” operator which does exactly the same.

The trick is that you use it like you are used to with  the union operator. Lees meer over dit bericht