Removing “Synchronisation of shared folders” from the explorer folder context menu

Recently, knipsel1when right-clicking a folder in explorer (windows 7, office 2010), I noticed a new item “Shared folder synchronization” with a sharepoint icon in front of it. It probably started when modifying my office installation to include OneNote, which I left out during original install. It is a part of something called “sharepoint workspace”. It appears (couldn’t get a definitive answer on that one) that OneNote uses parts of that component for it’s workbook synchronization features, so I don’t want to remove the entire feature via the office setup. However, I don’t use the shared folders and would like it removed from my context menu (which is already cluttered up enough with items I *do* use 😉 ).

Fortunately, I wasn’t the first to have this desire. Hugo wrote that all you need to do is to remove the menu item by unregistering the dll responsible for it. His blog has detailed steps and instructions, but the main command is to run (elevated)
regsvr32 /u "C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14\GROOVEEX.DLL"
Probably in future office updates and patches the dll may be re-registered, so I may have to do it again in the future.

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This worked flawless on my laptop but I ran into trouble on my desktop machine. There, I got an error:


Could not load module GROOVEEX.DLL.

But how can that be, it is just sitting there, in the current directory. How comes it cannot find that DLL? Think… think…. I have seen this problem somewhere before…

Bingo. Changed the registry setting, retried:

Unregister successful

Unregister successful


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