Delphi: this version does not support command-line compiling (yes, it does)

There are a couple of rare cases where I do an automatic build of a Delphi application from a batch file. This uses the dcc32.exe command-line compiler. This worked great on one machine, but today it failed on another machine that had an identical setup. The error message was:

_PasCoreCompile: This version of the product does not support command line compiling.


The Delphi version was the same though (10.1 “Berlin”) as on the other machine and it was the Enterprise edition, so command-line compiling should be available.

I then found this article on the Embarcadero Community Pages regarding the topic. Apparantly, during installation, at first a “trial” dcc32.exe is copied to the bin folder which then later in the setup process is replaced with the real one that matches the edition of your product. This replacement sometimes fails and you don’t notice that during regular usage from within the IDE, only on the command line.

The solution is to just manually copy the dcc32.exe from the Embarcadero package repository cache to the product’s bin folder. In a default installation, the first is found at


and the latter is found at

C:\Program Files (x86)\Embarcadero\Studio\18.0\bin

This worked for me instantly.

Over Shiftkey
I am Maarten, owner of and chief software developer for Shiftkey software development from The Netherlands. I will be writing mainly about things I run into when programming in C# or Delphi.

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