Modify the message of an unpushed commit with git (and not only the last)

I am still learning my way around git, which I mostly use from within Visual Studio. Today I had to change a commit message because I noticed later that I had mentioned an incorrect ticket number. Fortunately I had not yet pushed the commits to origin.

If you need to change the latest commit’s message, that is easy. Just perform an “amend” to the latest commit. In the Visual Studio Team Explorer pane, go to Sync, lookup the latest Outgoing Commit edit the message and choose “amend” from the options. Or type git commit –amend -m “My new message” on the command line.

BTW You can also add more changes into the latest commit, which comes in handy if you spot a spelling error just after you commit. šŸ˜‰

Changing any commit other than the last is a bit more difficult. We’ll need the command line here, there’s no interactive Visual Studio guidance available. But I’ll walk you through it. Lees meer over dit bericht