Delphi: this version does not support command-line compiling (yes, it does)

There are a couple of rare cases where I do an automatic build of a Delphi application from a batch file. This uses the dcc32.exe command-line compiler. This worked great on one machine, but today it failed on another machine that had an identical setup. The error message was:

_PasCoreCompile: This version of the product does not support command line compiling.


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Delphi XE8 released, introduces Package Manager


Earlier I wrote about the new Delphi roadmap and mentioned some features I considered interesting for the upcoming XE8 version. Today, Delphi XE8 was released and in the New Features list, another one caught my eye that I think is potentionally even more promising: the GetIt Package Manager. Every time a new Delphi version is released, there are two main reasons that block me from updating immediately as soon as it comes out: Lees meer over dit bericht

Bad Delphi upgrade experience (that was partly my own fault)

Latest update (11:45): I finally managed to install Update 1. Though I still think the update experience is not as smooth as it could be (most of the points I mention below are still valid), and the error message I was getting was in no way related to what was actually wrong, the original fault was probably my own. I already mentioned that I moved the installation folder over to another drive using a junction point to reference it from its original location. Well, the moved folder was missing one quite important file (setup.exe). I must have missed it when moving the folder, I cannot think of another explanation. After copying it from the original XE7 ISO, and a reboot after the (now successful) uninstallation, XE7 Update 1 is currently installing in the background. Lees meer over dit bericht

SyncEdit for implementation/interface member parameters

When I am editing a method (procedure/function) of an object, I sometimes need to add a parameter or change some. Now in Delphi code, as you probably know, you often have to do that twice: once in the implementation, and once in the interface of the unit (and make sure it matches…).

The Change Parameters dialog - do you ever use it? Too cumbersome imo.

Of course you can use the change params refactoring (Ctrl+Shift+X), but personally I find it too cumbersome to use the dialog to change something that could much easier be typed. And did you notice that your cursor has to be on the method name, not the parameters that follow it, for the refactoring to even be enabled? Blegh. It just breaks my ‘flow’… Lees meer over dit bericht