Work faster in Delphi XE8 by using Castalia’s keyboard shortcuts


The new Delphi XE8 includes Castalia for easier code navigation and refactorings. The Castalia refactorings however are still separate from the ‘native Delphi’ refactorings and they partly overlap in functionality. They both have their pros and cons. A definite pro for Castalia is that most of the refactorings can be done ‘inline’, that is, there is no modal dialog involved and some way or another, most of your changes can be done directly in your code editor.

Well, no dialogs is nice, but that only improves your productivity if you do not still need your mouse to trigger the refactoring. That means I have a couple of new keyboard shortcuts to start memorizing! Lees meer over dit bericht


SyncEdit for implementation/interface member parameters

When I am editing a method (procedure/function) of an object, I sometimes need to add a parameter or change some. Now in Delphi code, as you probably know, you often have to do that twice: once in the implementation, and once in the interface of the unit (and make sure it matches…).

The Change Parameters dialog - do you ever use it? Too cumbersome imo.

Of course you can use the change params refactoring (Ctrl+Shift+X), but personally I find it too cumbersome to use the dialog to change something that could much easier be typed. And did you notice that your cursor has to be on the method name, not the parameters that follow it, for the refactoring to even be enabled? Blegh. It just breaks my ‘flow’… Lees meer over dit bericht